Blow drying & Steaming 

Depending on your wig  hair type whether it's Human, Synthetic or any other man made type of hair, your daily, weekly and monthly routine can be time consuming and a little nerve racking. We can walk you through this and or provide service to you. 


If your having difficulty with your wig or hair piece and didn't purchase from us, smile and let us see if we can help.

Tricks and Tips

If your missing eyebrows or eyelashes and need help or  guidance, give us a call. Do you feel self conscious with the hairline of your wig?

We can help guide you. 

Custom ordering 

Make it your own.  Custom o​rders available. 

Custom Sizing 
Repairs & Alterations

Don't just buy a wig and hope it fits. Have your measurements taken to ensure comfort. Is your wig too big, stretched or torn? We offer custom sizing, repairs and alterations.


Everyone needs support, espically from someone who actually wears a wig. Looking to start a support team?We are here for you!


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