~ Discovering a life to live ~

When I was personally diagnosed with Alopecia Universalis in 2009 and lost my hair, it was sudden, dramatic, and an intense roller coaster of feelings…. As I journeyed through looking for a Topper and a Wig I noticed myself and other ladies running into a lack of compassion in this difficult time, and a real disconnect with the services and the Salespeople.... It didn't matter if you had Alopecia, Cancer or some other type of progressive hair loss... It was a constant push for a sale regardless of what the product looked like on you. In some wig stores they limited you to 5 try-ons with a $5.00 - $15.00 try on fee or signs reading "Don't Touch."  As my family, friends and I witnessed this heartless push for a sale and watched women leave with a hair piece that looked more like it was for a Halloween costume, it became clear that this industry needed some heartfelt help and inspiration for those struggling in this difficult time.  

Today, I am well with my soul, "Discovering a life to live​​" and continue to inspire others to do the same.

It's because of my journey, Parting Hairs the Wig Way was opened and out of my own personal frustration and aggravation and for those who I witnessed experience such a difficult time. Today, it's still my frustration and aggravation when I hear the horror stories.


I want you to see and feel your inner beauty and know, I'm not here to just sell you a wig, I'm here to help you invest in your self-esteem and personal appearance and as someone with Alopecia Universalis, I understand the value of what your investment is going to be and what an astronomical amount of money this can be, if the wrong decisions are made. 


Restoring your beauty one step at a time, mirror your inner beauty  
~ Become you again ~
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